Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Distracted Driving Update

I'm over a month in to my anti-distracted-driving quest. Aside from the rare 30-second call to my husband to tell him I'm on my way to pick him up from work, I've managed to keep off the phone pretty consistently so far.

My biggest complaint has been missing out on all that talking time during my 2-hour commute (I haven't been calling my mom as much lately, I think she's worried), and I have been tempted give in and allow myself hands-free conversations while driving on the freeway. But then I saw this (you might have seen other versions floating around on the internet).

It reminded me of the recent study showing that people talking on cell phones were so absorbed in their conversations they missed a unicycling clown...and reminded me to stick with my no-talking-at-all-while-driving rule.


  1. good idea, a hand free device is no safer and can be even more dangerous than the tradition cellphone due to the myth of it being safer. As one of the 9% of Americans who does not own a cell phone (my parents as well) I am happy to say being out of constant contact is not the end of the world :) So great job! and keep up the good work, but watch out for the "quick" calls to the husband ;)

  2. Thanks for the reminder! It's true, I should probably try to appreciate my daily distraction-free time a little more...