Saturday, April 24, 2010

This Week on Foot

This weekend the World’s First Double Helix Pedestrian Bridge Opens in Singapore, providing pedestrians with the final link in a 3.5 path around the Marina Bay development--and the opportunity to hang out in some pretty cool architecture. Maybe Singapore can share some of its expertise with Israel, where Tel Aviv Requests Public’s Help in Boardwalk Redesign.

Of course, it takes more than walking paths to make a community pedestrian friendly. As we learned this week from Switchboard, For walkability and community, put the building on the street and the parking in back. Turns out people like looking in the windows of shops as they walk down the street more than they like looking in the windows of cars.

Think policies that require parking to be located behind buildings aren't important? If you live in an unwalkable community, Your Neighborhood Could Be Making You Sick. According to several studies cited in Psycology Today, people who live in walkable neighborhoods are "thinner and healthier" than people in pedestrian unfriendly areas.

A report out of New York City this week explains one other reason that walkability is important: the economy. Yes, Carless New Yorkers save, help city economy. Perhaps that's why in Ithica, New York a Seniors' group to survey intersections for pedestrian safety. Every little bit helps...

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