Thursday, November 18, 2010

This week on Foot

This week isn't looking so hot for Canada, where a Toronto girl the 16th pedestrian struck in recent days. It could explain why Police issue 13,000 tickets in pedestrian safety blitz. Yikes, 13,000! At least those were mostly to drivers, as opposed to the practice on the UNC campus where Citations to be issued for pedestrian violations.

Meanwhile, in Ohio Officials lower speed in wake of pedestrian fatal, and on the other side of the globe Township office projects promote sustainability (although admittedly I'm a little dubious of the walkability efforts of a company called "Megaworld").

Back in the US the Alexandra Council approves cash in lieu of pedestrian bridge, while in Florida Some aren't so happy with pedestrian bridge that they think will encourage more vehicle traffic on their local streets.

But it's slow pedestrian traffic that businesses in London's West End are worried about, which is why they're advocating for the installation of a Pedestrian slow lane in London.
And finally, this week the blog Gayapolis confirms something that won't surprise many urban planners: Top Walkable Cities Also Among Most Gay Friendly.

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