Thursday, January 12, 2012

This Week on Foot

The first two weeks of 2012 are off to a busy start, with everyone trying to get into the walkability game. Microsoft awarded patent for dynamic walking directions that keep you safe, a Virginia County Government Augments Its Walkability Efforts, and there's A walk-up window in Georgetown for pedestrians to take advantage of.

And it's not just Americans interested in walkability. Dubai Mall launches pedestrian link project, while in Europe folks are wondering is neighborhood walkability a key element for Belgian adolescents? If it is, then Belgium should definitely pay attention to What Neighborhoods Need to Succeed at Walkability.

Of course, if they're wondering what hurts successful walkability, they could check out some of The Design Tragedies That Pass for Road “Improvements” It kind of makes you wonder Is this pedestrian safety or just pedestrian removal?
If you want to know what actually is pedestrian safety, you could check out this Interview with Walk Score CEO Josh Herst, or maybe learn How to Boost Biking and Walking in Your Town: Lessons From Minneapolis or take a peek at The variety of pedestrian bridges over Lake Shore Drive.

What you won't want to do is follow the lead of Tuscon, where Tucson pedestrian deaths/injuries nearly double. Parts of Florida aren't much better, like The Acreage scores worst in Florida for 'walkability,' company finds. Even in Japan they have some problems, at least according to the Pedestrian, cyclist criticize policy of allowing bicycles on Tokyo sidewalks.
Fortunately there's hope out there. When you're walking through Chicago and wondering Are Chicago’s pedestrian safety campaign posters too depressing? you can just think to yourself, "Maybe we just need to build a few more 'Pocket Neighborhoods' For Sustainable Suburbs...."

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  1. Nice roundup of links this morning. I am going to write up a quick reminder about the Walk Friendly Communities campaign and the upcoming deadline. I hope we see an uptick in applications this year.