Saturday, November 3, 2012

This Week on Foot

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This week people in India are talking about The right to walk with dignity -- and including some performance art to get the conversation started. Meanwhile in Pakistan they're worried that Signal-free corridors cause inconvenience to pedestrians. But in Australia they're blaming the pedestrians for the problem, claiming Pedestrians walk the line with dangerous act of jaywalking. Yes, you read that right. Pakistan is taking a better stance on pedestrian safety than Australia.

Closer to home, Pedestrian struck by minivan In Redondo, PCH closed at scene. There's a High number of pedestrian deaths in Oregon this year, perhaps one reason that  Germantown Teen’s Death Frames Discussion on Pedestrian Safety. And even though we might be Moving toward walkable neighborhoods for older adults, we still need to Fix our sidewalks.

One place with decent sidewalks is San Diego County's National City #1 in walkability, survey shows. Not to be outdone Southeast Atlanta Rallies for "Smart" Development, and New Yorkers consider Revitalizing a Dead Mall (Don’t Expect Shoppers)

As we consider this week What makes a place "walkable"? we think about Why the 'Trick-or-Treat Test' Still Matters.

And now that trick-or-treating is safely behind us, remember that with the change in time this weekend Less daylight could mean more danger for motorists and pedestrians, troopers say

Back in Europe this week we learn about Award for Europe's most beautiful pedestrian bridge, argue that It's time for pedestrians to reclaim our streets with 20mph speed limit, and consider How cyclists and pedestrians can share space on canal towpaths.

Finally, if you're like us and hunting for a house this week, you might want to  check out this list of America's Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods--all walkable of course. Because walking is what all the hip kids do.

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  1. Thanks for compiling all of these interesting stories.
    I have been horrified by the number of pedestrian injuries and fatalities in Oregon this year.

    P.S. On the subject of mobility deterrents -- word verification on blogs really sucks. I am on my fifth try now.