Friday, January 22, 2010

This Week on Foot

This weeks brings some interesting innovations in pedestrian safety.

In New York City Coming Soon: Ped-Friendly “Urban Umbrellas” for NYC Sidewalks will help protect pedestrians from falling debris during the construction without forcing them to walk through dark and unattractive sidewalk "sheds."

And then there's Mercedes Developing 'Auto-Swerve' For Pedestrian Safety. As expected from the catchy name, the new device would identify potential pedestrian conflicts and automatically swerve to avoid them.

We can try to improve vehicle safety, but it's going to be hard to fight mother nature. Can pedestrian deaths be blamed on warm weather? Officials in Toronto seem to think so.

Snow can also be a challenge, as we saw this week in New Hampshire where Snowplow driver in NH cited for hitting pedestrian

Or maybe it's just those dangerous pedestrians--like the one in Sweden, where a Swedish rapper argues self-defense in murder case.

It makes you wonder, Will pedestrians ever be safer on our mean streets?

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