Thursday, January 28, 2010

This Week on Foot

This week the Toronto community continues to stew over a recent uptick in pedestrian deaths. A myriad of potential solutions, theories, and general ranting abound, with Officers out in force to warn, ticket pedestrians, while CBC offers an idea of How pedestrians, cyclists and drivers can get along a little better. One author looks at How Poisson would explain pedestrian deaths, while another just laments the Shell shock and paralysis the whole situation has caused.

Perhaps Toronto can look to Latvia, where Slesers suggests make pedestrian mall in Latvian capital’s downtown, or even the small Washington town of Cheney, where Railroad crossing improvements OK'd: Cheney council approves better pedestrian access

Just as long as they don't follow New York's example. In that city Besides pedestrians, New York City streets are safer for drivers, passengers and bicyclists

Or, it would seem, Ohio: Lottery winner dies after being struck by car


  1. Didn't see an email for you. Might want to add to your list of ped organizations Burlington Bike/Walk Council:
    We're in Burlington, Vermont.

    Also, fyi, I'm editor of the Planning Commissioners Journal, a national publication based in Burlington:

  2. Thanks for the tip, always looking for more pedestrian friendly groups to add!