Friday, January 14, 2011

This Week on Foot

This week we're reminded why all this pedestrian safety stuff is so important by two incidents across the world from one another. First, in Canada, a Teenage pedestrian's death 'needless', while in South Africa a Pupil (7) Killed on Way to School. It's sad when a young person can't even get an education without risking their life.

Fortunately, this week is also full of news of worldwide efforts to address this issue. Oregon believes Enforcement can reduce pedestrian deaths-- but the fact that Portland begins construction on South Waterfront pedestrian bridge over I-5 can't hurt either. In New York a New Traffic Signal is Cause for Celebration, while in New Jersey a pedestrian is pleased that the New audible alert law benefits blind pedestrians.  Meanwhile, Colorado invites us to check out the new "hybrid pedestrian beacon", and in the UK Volvo's pedestrian detection system wins safety award.

With so much good stuff happening out there, it's no wonder that one Seattle pedestrian complains that Street Paint Is Really Expensive, Apparently. Why else wouldn't the city finish crosswalk markings at one of the area's most heavily used crossings?

Meanwhile, the Bethesda-Chevy Chase community voices pedestrian concerns, while here in LA Streetsblog points out a Pedestrian Friendly Ralphs Needed for Pasadena .
Perhaps better zoning regulations could encourage that Ralphs to get in line. Pasadena could look to Florida, where City of Miami Receives National APA Award for Pioneering Zoning Reform . Pennsylvannia certainly is, where York City Council, residents discuss proposed zoning revision. Let's hope they're successful in their efforts!


  1. O site do Jornal Hoje, da Rede Globol

  2. This issue should be resolved by our very own city council, pedestrians can be a very hazardous place. Thanks for the post.

  3. I hope so, but I've also found that it takes a strong community of pedestrian activists to really get the city council to sit up and take notice. I'd like to see more of that in LA, and only wish I had more time to take it on myself.

  4. Another interesting tidbit, woman attempting to raise awareness of the need to clear sidewalks of snow. (I can't believe we've come to the point where you actually have to do this sort of thing.)

  5. Thanks for the info Joshua. Snow clearing isn't a big issue for us here in LA, but I know that it can be a major problem elsewhere in the world. There are some countries (Sweden) that place priority on clearing snow on sidewalks--even before they clear snow on roadways. Shows where pedestrians stand in the hierachy of roadway users...