Monday, May 9, 2011

America Walks Wants Your Opinion

America Walks has created a survey to help gather better information about walking habits throughout the country. The survey is open until June 3--but why not do it now? Here are all the details from America Walks:

Help America Walks and its partner organizations learn more about who walks, and why we walk. This survey will take only 5 minutes to complete and results are anonymous.

The National Walking Survey will help walking advocates understand what motivates avid walkers and what prevents others from walking more. The difference between those who are "avid walkers" and the more "reluctant walkers" is not well studied. How effective is encouragement from relatives, health professionals, employers, others? What can we learn about the messages that actually get someone afoot and those that don't? When someone has a choice of walking or not, is a dog or human companion the motivator to take the trip on foot? How crucial are factors like destinations within walking distance, pleasant and safe surroundings? Or is the difference between those who walk more and less a matter of available time or other demographics? The National Walking Survey is a start in answering these crucial questions. Take the survey; share the National Walking Survey!

When the data is analyzed, America Walks will publish what we've learned so all walking advocates can be more targeted in their work to promote walking in America.


  1. I took the survey! It's quick. It makes you think about barriers to walking--signals that don't allow you to cross the street, dangerous drivers, etc. Thought provoking.

  2. Thank you! It's a pretty easy survey, my mom and I both took it in about 10 minutes. It was interesting to talk about the differences between our neighborhoods...

  3. It's a pretty good survey -- it's not often I can actually find the appropriate answer for every question. (I'm thinking of a Ventura Parks survey that asked me how often we use the parks, and it maxed out at once a week, while we were going every day.) Thanks for the link!

  4. Thanks for taking the time to fill it out!