Friday, May 20, 2011

This week on foot

This week we open with an important question: Can This Creepy Graphic Keep Drivers From Killing Pedestrians?

Speaking of creepy, did you know that in India Fergusson College road is 'dread zone' for pedestrians ? Or that Pedestrians risk lives on Nigdi to Dapodi ? Scary stuff, though probably not as scary as this 'Lucky escape' after pedestrian trapped under car

On a less terrifying note, in Ottawa a Series of projects aim to improve pedestrian safety ...but elsewhere in the country Pedestrian power has yet to exert itself at Vancouver City Hall.

Pedestrians are showing their power in other places though, like in Alaska where Fairbanks transportation planners seek input from pedestrians, bicyclists . Or in Maryland where a Maryland woman sentenced for fatally striking pedestrian. 

Meanwhile, officials offer up this important Health Tip: Remind Children and Teens of Pedestrian Safety. And do you know what else is healthy? Eating. So lucky for all of us that in New York there's Food Coming to Chelsea Plaza . While you're there you can expand your mind (as well as your belly) by checking out the City Fix's latest Research Recap, May 16: Walkable Streets, Urban Development Technologies, Car-to-Car Communications.


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