Thursday, April 12, 2012

Become a Leader is a project of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that provides free communication, promotion and assistance to registered Leaders working in the childhood obesity movement,  especially in communities at highest risk for obesity. Some of the tools offered to Leaders include:
  • A weekly insider alert newsletter
  • Ability to organize supporters in your community and 70,000 nationally
  • Access to the Map of the Movement, showing other activists in your area
  • Blogger outreach analysis and webinar hosting
 Leaders are professionals or volunteers who are actively working to change policies and environments to help children eat better and be more active. They must be focused on changing policies and environments, and organizing others/contributing to organizing efforts. Leaders should be working on one of's six issue areas:
  • Ensure foods and beverages in schools meet dietary guidelines
  • Expand community access to high quality food
  • Expand physical activity programs in and out of school
  • Improve built environment in communities to increase physical activity
  • Use pricing strategies to promote purchase of healthier foods
  • Use regulation/policy to reduce youth exposure to unhealthy food marketing
If this describes you, register as a Leader here for free.  

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