Saturday, April 14, 2012

This week on foot

It's been a dismal week for pedestrians in LA, where Pedestrian killed in East Hollywood; driver sought by police and a Pedestrian Hit by Car on Echo Park Avenue Has Died. That's why we're Seeking Pedestrian Advocates in L.A., Where People Actually Do Walk! Just not very safely...

Speaking of pedestrian safety, this week Pedestrian safety takes focus at community round table in Las Vegas, while Hundreds Of Magnets A Key To Pedestrian Safety Plan in Ridgewood, NJ. Meanwhile in Florida they're wondering, is Blanding Boulevard too dangerous for pedestrians? If it is, it's not the only dangerous street. Across the country Oregon Pedestrian Deaths Soar; Reminders Given, even as a Pedestrian mall project moves forward. I guess if you want to Think Pedestrian - and Save Lives  you need Hundreds Of Magnets A Key To Pedestrian Safety Plan.

But even as people in San Francisco are complaining that Rare pedestrian deaths exploited by bicycle foes  , and they're wondering How Walkable is Washington? the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center Announces Latest Round of Walk Friendly Communities. Why does this stuff matter? Well for one, Where You Live Could Make Your Kids Fat. And if that doesn't convince you, here's A Data-Driven Case for Walkability.

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