Friday, June 8, 2012

This week on foot

This week we learn How Dogs Saved a Los Angeles Neighborhood, and that The Most Walkable Streets in San Francisco Aren’t Always the Ones You’d Think. We're told to Give the people what they want: A walkable city--or do they? Because also this week a 'Pedestrian place' decision postponed in Canada and Businesses Hope to Put Brakes on Proposed Pedestrian Plaza in New York due to concerns over (you guessed it) losing parking. At least outside the US they got the memo, as this week Bhutan introduces weekly 'pedestrian day'.  Although in Manila they don't seem to be quite as sympathetic, since they're telling citizens to Use footbridges and pedestrian lanes, or pay P200—MMDA

Meanwhile, the City's sidewalk situation is dire, public board tells Lansing City Council, and the Increasing road toll for elderly pedestrians provokes alarm. It shows why its so important to understand How walkable, transit-oriented neighborhoods help seniors... and younger folks. Perhaps walkability have helped this situation where Pedestrian dies after being struck crossing Long Beach street, although some strongly believe that Distracted Pedestrians As Dangerous as Distracted Drivers

Elsewhere people we're wondering What is it with Canadian drivers and pedestrians? (And why can't Americans be the same way?), and Are the suburbs made for walking? Maybe An Atlas of Suburbanisms can help us figure it out. If not, we can always look to Brant Street in Burlington a Model for Walkable Streets for pointers.

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