Friday, September 7, 2012

This Week on Foot

This week we're entertained by this PSA rap about Richmond pedestrian crossing, and by The Best Way to Deal With Crosswalk-Blocking Drivers Ever (aside from pedestrian stings, like the one this week where Thousand Oaks violators get stung in crosswalk stakeouts).

And why are those stings so important? Because Child Pedestrian Deaths Spike During After-School Hours. Because Lack of pedestrian signals poses threat to commuters. Because Safe Kids Worldwide, FedEx Study finds teens at greatest risk for pedestrian injuries. Because WCape road deaths: half pedestrians.

Yet while according to this Report: In D.C. Area, Developers Flock to ‘Walkable Urban’ (leading some to as is The Next Major Real Estate Cycle: Walkable Urbanism?), and Wesley welcomes pedestrian plaza we still have a long way to go in places like New York where an Astoria pedestrian plaza pits merchants against residents.

Elsewhere in the country pedestrian planning is being received more positively, as Chicago unveils 1st pedestrian safety plan and Ann Arbor ranked safest in state for pedestrians; city wants to keep it that way. In that case, Pedestrians, cyclists alike should share road, safety precautions. Speaking of safety precautions, We asked you: Should police ticket drivers for crosswalk violations? (Most people think so).

Finally this week, Canadians note that VANCOUVER WOULD BE COOLER IF #188: We Could Walk It As Diversely As Berkeley and we wonder What makes a great city street? Consider these examples.

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