Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cool Ped Stuff #23: City Pulse

The latest (bad pun) brainchild of Brain Drain, CityPulse is a network of "beacons" that light up the street literally and figuratively. The fancy lights detects and reports street-level activity in real time, provides information about nearby businesses and tourist attractions, and, as Brain Drain puts it, "offers a new platform for human interactions and entrepreneurship."

From the website:

By spurring pedestrian navigation and citywide connectivity, CityPulse stands to make a huge impact. This place-making program offers a multi-level intervention that stimulates growth in small and new business, facilitates access to community resources and information, and provides a public venue for emerging trends and creativity in the cityscape.

Yet one more way technology is changing the way we move through the pedestrian environment.

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