Sunday, June 20, 2010

This Week on Foot

The week started out with sad news about a Pedestrian Killed in Cahuenga Pass Collision.

But, before we get too discouraged about the dismal state of walking out there, we can take heart at this news: Nissan LEAF equipped with warning sounds for pedestrians. At least there will be one less silent-but-deadly hybrid prowling the streets out there.

Still, no matter how noisy the vehicle, most drivers could still use a few lessons in Crossing Courtesy, as this article on dangerous pedestrian conditions in the Philippines points out.

Of course, teaching courtesy in the Phillippines might be easier than Trying to Breathe Life Into a Canyon of Concrete. Nonetheless, that's what the Alliance for Downtown New York are trying to do.

Perhaps they'll have better luck with the task than Michigan, where city planners wonder, Is Kalamazoo cool enough to hold onto its college graduates? Maybe, but only if they can lure then in by creating a vibrate, walkable city for them to call home.

And for those Kalamazoo grads trying to figure out just how walkable their potential new home might be, Real estate listings add 'walk scores' for neighborhood desirability. Just one more sign of how the pedestrian environment can influence housing choices.

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