Saturday, June 26, 2010

This week on Foot

What is going on with the trains this week? An Amtrak train kills female pedestrian in Wash., a Train hits, kills pedestrian in Indy, a Second person fatally hit by Southern California train--yikes! No wonder the folks in south Los Angeles were concered after the Expo Line gets OK for street-level crossing next to Dorsey High.

Maybe we should all head over to Chicago, where an NU forum targets pedestrian-train accidents. Or perhaps we could learn something from the folks across the Atlantic, where trains and walkers are both more prevalent. Of course, the Europeans have their own troubles. In Paris, the NY Times forecasts a Watery Future for the City of Light. A battle is brewing over the expressways bordering the River Seine, and it's not clear yet if the future belongs to cars or to pedestrians and bicycles.

Things are looking a little better for walkers in the UK, where London trials Pedestrian Countdown technology. And back on this side of the ocean, the folks who brought you WalkScore ponder the idea of Measuring neighborhood diversity and liveliness with ‘JaneScore’ (named for planner extraordinaire Jane Jacobs). Hmm. My neighborhood has a high WalkScore, but I'm not so sure it would do as well by Jane's standards...

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