Monday, July 11, 2011

Cool Ped Stuff #15: TV Series

Perils for Pedestrians is a monthly television series promoting awareness of issues affecting the safety of people who walk and bicycle. It appears on public access cable stations in many cities across the United States and is also webcast. Check out the two latest episodes, or view them all online.

Episode 171:
--Meet the public health director for Broome County, NY.
--Learn about New York State DOT's role in greenways.
--Learn about the City of Binghamton's role in greenways.
--Partnerships are key to the greenway system.
--Talk with a blind pedestrian about traffic.

Episode 172:
--Dobbs Ferry, New York, is losing pedestrian access to development.
--A lawyer explains Sovereign Immunity, Tort, Duty, Notice, and their relation to sidewalk defects.
--An elderly woman in Oswego, New York, makes an inventory of sidewalk defects.
--A pedestrian in New York City is concerned about bicyclists that don't follow the rules.
--A look at sexual harassment of pedestrians in New York City.

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