Friday, July 22, 2011

This Week on Foot

This week the transportation world continues to lament The Lonesome Death of a Child Pedestrian in Atlanta, while expressing its unending frustration with a system that blames the child's mother for problems (e.g. lack of pedestrian infrastructure) that are beyond her control.

Meanwhile, a series of odd crashes this week show that no one--from celebrities to cops--can afford to ignore pedestrians. First the Teen Victim in Lamar Odom Limo Crash Dies, then 'Cash Cab' strikes and kills pedestrian in Canada, and finally a N.Y. Officer to Be Fired After Killing a Pedestrian With Patrol Car.

Perhaps it's stories like these that led Philly to increase distracted driving, biking enforcement, or encouraged the development of a Toyota System Can Sense Pedestrians, Avoid Accidents. Other places are interested in improving pedestrian safety as well. In Canada, a City takes steps to curb deaths, while there are Updated pedestrian signals announced in New Haven and New Crosswalks Improve Pedestrian Safety in Denver. Even Memphis business leader McVean wants cyclist/pedestrian path over the Mississippi.

Further abroad, the story isn't as pleasant. In India, we learn about Kochi: No city for pedestrians, and in New Zealand the Law of the jungle rules zebra crossing. Maybe we should just be Living Large Driving Less...

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