Friday, July 15, 2011

This week on foot

This week the pedestrian world is feeling outraged over the Pedestrian convicted of vehicular homicide in own child's death. To be clear, the pedestrian in question didn't hit her child--a driver who had "a little to drink" did. The mother's crime was trying to cross a busy street at a location without a crosswalk (to do so, she would have had to walk a very considerable distance out of her way). David Herron's piece about the Marietta pedestrian convicted of vehicular manslaughter, while walking does a great job laying out the absurdities involved in this case.

Meanwhile, the news around LA is carmageddon and more carmageddon. As I pointed out yesterday,
'Carmageddon' can be motivation to get out and move--let's show the country that Angelenos don't actually wither up and die en masse when they're forced to consider "alternative" transportation modes.

Elsewhere we're reminded that summer is upon us, which means trips to the shore. In the town of Brick Officials Work to Ensure Pedestrian Safety Near Beaches, while Fort Myers Beach locals ready to purchase more pedestrian signs.

 But pedesstrians interested in spending summer days outdoors have other options as well. In Long Beach they're  Revolutionizing the Road – Parklets on 4th Street, and the Powell Street Promenade Enlivens the ‘Heart of San Francisco’s Downtown’. For folks in Dallas that Want A Pedestrian Zone That Cuts Through Downtown? It Already Exists. Perhaps envy for these cities is the reason that a Del Mar group pushes for vibrant town center.

In other good news for pedestrians, Garden Gate neighborhood to see safer pedestrian routes, and FC, JM roads to get pedestrian signals. In Little Rock US Transportation Secretary LaHood on hand for dedication of Arkansas pedestrian bridge, and a Canadian City strikes deal to build pedestrian tunnel for Toronto Island airport.

But things aren't so rosy on the international front. Pedestrians left to fend for themselves in Bangalore, even though advocates point out that Pedestrians do need space to walk. They're encouraging residents to Come, reclaim Bangalore for the pedestrians. Meanwhile in Jakarta, Pedestrians Violating Act Fined Rp 250,000, while Kiwis wonder Why are Wellington pedestrians so reckless? In response to the so-called "reckless" behavior, a Plea issued for pedestrians to take extra care on region's roads in that country.

Back at home, is it Sharing or chaos? Central Park biking shortcuts get mixed reaction. And speaking of mixed reactions, Ford, Verizon Support Distracted-Driver Law — And Its Loophole. Is that good news or bad news? Maybe it falls into the category of "better than nothing" news...

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