Friday, August 31, 2012

This Week on Foot

This week people are talking about Affordable Housing and a Pedestrian Plaza in New York, a
Pedestrian bridge linking downtown, Cultural District dedicated in Fort Worth, and New D.C. traffic cameras to monitor stop signs, pedestrian crosswalks.

But here in LA, it's still all about sidewalks, where Cracks Appear in L.A.’s Grand Transportation Plan, making it no surprise that L.A. councilmen concerned about length, cost of sidewalk survey, and suggest that maybe some of those "thousands" of community activists" can step in.

Pardon me while I get editorial here.
  1. We'd all like the survey to go quickly, but seriously LA--you can't find money to pay for professionals to do this job? It's such a low funding priority that you have to get volunteers to do the work? I'd like to see you try that with roadways.
  2. And speaking of roadways, are you saying that whole "transportation infrastructure creates jobs" argument only apply to building roads?
  3. Finally, please point me towards the thousands of activists advocating for pedestrian issues in LA. We could use their help with some things.
Moving on to other frustrating stories, here's one that notes Most pedestrian accidents happen within sight of crosswalks, (not so) subtly blaming the pedestrian, who obviously must be too lazy to walk out of their way to a crosswalk. Meanwhile here's another that points out that the Driver's seat safer than sidewalk for older adults, a creative variation on the old "driving drunk is safer than walking drunk" argument. And while we're blaming pedestrians for things, how about this Report: 'Distracted walking' endangers teens. Umm, no, I think it's more the vehicles that endanger teens.

But let's not get totally discouraged. This week in ESCONDIDO: Students take to street to fight for health, and Garmin/Navigon announce new pedestrian and public transportation features, while pedestrian-friendly Blue Zones gearing up for official unveiling.

Elsewhere, one lawyer ponders Improving Pedestrian Safety By Reviewing Primary Types Of Incidents, in Florida they insist on No more Frogger for pedestrians, and Israel considers the idea of Pedestrian protectors.

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Finally, all those distracted teenagers and young adults roll their eyes at their elders and say, Cars? Not For Us: The Cheapest Generation Explains 'the Freedom of Not Owning' 

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