Friday, October 26, 2012

This Week on Foot

This awesome photo courtesy of streetsblog

We're full of questions this week. Are “public” streets actually public? Are Salt Lake pedestrians safe? Can Insurers go After a Pedestrian?

We might not be able to answer all those ones, but we can learn more about Chicago's Strategies in the Pedestrian Plan: Remove all channelized right turns in 3 years, how the Feds consider rule for electric car noises to alert blind pedestrians, or discover the mysteries of Pedestrian enforcement from the inside.

Meanwhile, we're reminded that Walkable neighbourhoods tied to lower diabetes risk--along with a healthy diet of course. And speaking of diets, this week Westside’s Motor Avenue Gets Road Diet and Bike Lanes, and Capital Region cities seek to bridge a pedestrian divide, while on a less-promising note a Long Beach pedestrian killed when struck by jeep near Traffic Circle.

Outside the US Stainless Steel Bridge Arches Support Sölvesborg Pedestrian and Cycling Bridge while Toronto construction projects to try new pedestrian-friendly scaffolding. In India, Pedestrians’ safety on the line in Bangalore, while in China Better traffic lights can prevent jaywalking.

Finally, this week Atlantic Cities' urban walk combines two of my favorite topics-- parking and pedestrians-- and ask Could Parking Lot Walkways Point the Way to Walkable Redevelopment? What do you think?

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