Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No Pedestrian Walking Allowed

A friend from work, and avid long-distance runner, recently brought my attention to the intersection of Santa Clara Avenue and Los Angeles Avenue (Highway 118). Located in unincorporated Ventura County and surrounded by agricultural fields, the road isn't likely to be popular with pedestrians--unless you're an intrepid jogger...or a farm worker who needs to park on the street and walk to your job site. Either way, good luck--because the roadway's designers clearly don't want you there.

So vehement are they in their sentiments that they posted a no-pedestrian crossing sign on every leg of the intersection. Yes, that's right, every one. Meaning if for some crazy reason you need to cross the street, you'll have to walk a mile or so out of your way to find another intersection, or race across the road when you see a break in traffic. Good to know there's a "safe" option.



  1. Link to Google Map here:

    And how is this legal?

  2. You would think it wouldn't be, huh?