Friday, August 24, 2012

This Week on Foot

This week starts with good news for LA, where the City Council Poised to Approve Four More Parklets. while in Long Beach: Finding Ways to Get More People Walk is a priority for officials in that city. In fact, cities across the country are looking for ways to improve walkability. The Lansing council considers millage for sidewalk improvements, a Group hopes to make Westboro bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly, Citizens support village sidewalk policies, and Travel is no travail in pedestrian-friendly Wilmette.

So with all this good news, Why are Pedestrian Deaths Rising? Perhaps in part because
Older pedestrians at greatest risk of being struck, and our population is aging. And while we're asking questions, Can we have real crosswalks in New York City? Hard to say, but at least Prospect Park boosters hope to solve a hot-button issue between pedestrians and cyclists.

Elsewhere in the country Pedestrians Keep Dying on Georgia Roads, while Police get cross about crosswalks in Robbinsdale and in TRENTON: National expert says city’s walkability good, bad and needs redesign. In the world of research 7 streets in New Orleans working to revitalize neighborhoods are part of UNO student's research and there's a new Study to evaluate zoning code reforms and physical activity. Perhaps it will explain why Somehow We're Walking More and Walking Less At the Same Time.

Meanwhile, people are explaining the difference between Roads, streets, STROADS and park roads, why a Pedestrian bridge is good for community, and that for Pedestrian signals: Faster than never is better than nothing.

Finally this week, Volunteers needed to rate the walkability of their neighborhoods in San Diego, and we learn how a Huntsville pedestrian's plan for being hit by car may have saved his life. Just don't forget: Pedestrians are always right.


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