Friday, September 2, 2011

This Week on Foot

As summer ends and the school year ramps up, this week we're offered Back to School Red Light Safety Tips for Millions of Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motorists and urged to Keep an eye out for pedestrians. And it's not just about the kids: an AARP forum urges steps to improve pedestrian safety for another vulnerable population, the elderly. 
Of course, some jurisdictions are being more proactive with regard to pedestrian safety. Pleasant Hill addresses pedestrian safety with crosswalk signs, while in Tennessee Decatur Gets $261,541 Grant For Pedestrian Bicycle Project and in Missouri a City receives extra $5.9 million for bicycle and pedestrian improvements. At the advice of walking expert Dan Burden Casper tries new street parking in Wyoming, and in Kansas the Douglas plan is a nod to street's past (that is, its more walkable past). Even Houston Is On The Way to Becoming A More Walkable Urban Destination.

In less positive news, we learn that As the Motor City, metro Detroit dangerous for pedestrians; limited sidewalks a problem--however one commenter suggests we Protect Pedestrians by Removing the Sidewalks and using woonerfs instead.

Either wayMotorists urged to go slow at pedestrian crossings, in part due to the new challenge of pedestrians distracted by mobile devices. On that topic, this week we learned that Listening to music more distracting than using a mobile phone (at least for pedestrians).

Of course, even more dangerous for pedestrians is excessive drinking...particularly when it results in passing out in the road. Towards that end: Don't drink and lie, police warn pedestrians. Also beware your footwear. According to Police: Flip-Flops Blamed In Pedestrian Crash in Boulder, Colorado.

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