Thursday, September 22, 2011

This Week on Foot

Just as we've been discussing the relationship between bikes and pedestrians, this week a Study looks at pedestrians hospitalized after bicycle crashes in New York State, and shows that the numbers are higher than previously suspected. But in Chicago, it's trains not bikes that are the problem and Suburban train crossings prove most deadly. And of course, here at home it's the vehicles, like the Angry driver allegedly runs down pedestrian in Redondo Beach.
At least in some places they're thinking about pedestrian safety and walkability, like in Lompoc where Safe walking routes focus of health summit, St. Louis where there's a Pedestrian 'lid' over highway on track for Arch improvements, or even outside the US where Pedestrian-friendly model roads mooted, a Pedestrian Safety Blitz Deemed a Success, and  Uruguay Street pedestrian nightlife area opens in Beirut.

Back in the US Ann Arbor police begin ticketing motorists who don't stop for pedestrians, but in Pittsburgh DU Police may begin ticketing negligent pedestrians. Fortunately elsewhere in Pennsylvania they're taking a brighter stance on walking, like in one small town where Tredyffrin sidewalk ordinance aims for a walkable community.

Speaking of small towns, this week the NRDC brings us news of How a small community is becoming greener - with help from some important friends. And in a slightly bigger community, Putnam Avenue Closed For New Pedestrian Plaza in New York...but Pedestrian Plazas Remain Magnet for Homeless at Night, Despite Outreach  , which some folks aren't too happy about.

In North Carolina it's distracted pedestrians they aren't happy about, as the N.C. DOT to pedestrians: don’t text and walk, and in Glendale one person doesn't seem happy about any pedestrians, as we learn in A note to Saint Pedestrian.

Finally, on a lighter note, one take on Pedestrian Art examines how ordinary objects on the street can make walking a little more interesting.

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