Thursday, September 15, 2011

This Week on Foot

Disappointingly (though expected), this week Coburn Blocks Quick Senate Vote on Transportation Extension, leading to a reminder from T4America to Sen. Coburn: Cutting Bike/Ped Won’t Fix Oklahoma’s Problems. In fact, just the opposite, as we learn this week about how improving walking infrastructure is part of How to Build a Greener City, not to mention The suburb — in search of an identity. It's all about that Good Old Brand-New Urbanism.

And some places in the country get that. In Orlando a Project's goal: Make streets safer for pedestrians, Virginia promotes safety for cyclists, pedestrians, in Boston Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Day Returns to BU, and  Safe Kids Greater Chattanooga And FedEx Unveil Pedestrian Safety Improvements.

But it's not all rosy out there. In New York Two Manhattan Pedestrians Killed 24 Hours Apart, while in the ultimate irony a Pedestrian Horror: Woman Injured By Falling Walk Signal.

From walk signals to sidewalks, in Atlanta they're wondering Who Should Fix Our Broken Sidewalks? And sadly, in Chicago we learn that Suburban police write few tickets on crosswalk law

Perhaps its because the focus in that city is on the danger from bicycles, where a Cyclist Cell Phone Ban Mulled By Chicago City Council. And it's not just Chicago that's thinking about the relationship between cyclists and pedestrians. Across the ocean In city of cyclists, pedestrians feel the squeeze. Could we really be talking about The cyclists’ war on pedestrians?

Hopefully not, because pedestrians have enough to contend with from other quarters, like across the ocean where a Rhos-on-Sea pedestrian crossing hits stumbling block due to business owners' concerns about pedestrians interfering with parking. Because after all, it's the cars that do the shopping, not the people...

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