Friday, September 9, 2011

This Week on Foot

This week our friends down south are making great strides towards pedestrian friendliness, as Bolivia bans cars for 'Day of the Pedestrian'. Yet other parts of the world aren't so promising. In Toronto, there's a Scramble intersection under city scrutiny, and Cyclists defend using sidewalk where pedestrian was struck and killed. But the quest for walkability carries on. In Vancouver the Public pushes for a pedestrian zone, and in India a study shows us that Rajkot, Surat need dedicated pedestrian space.

Closer to home there's much talk about Reese Witherspoon’s Accident: Are Pedestrians Really In Growing Danger. The definitely are, at least in Montana where Friends, neighbors remember bicycle-pedestrian advocate who died in crash.

Meanwhile, over at Streetsblog they're wondering, With a Growing Effort Toward Safe Routes to Schools, Why Not Safe Routes to Universities? It's a good question, given that here in California a Safe routes to school equity bill signed into law, while in Minnesota State schools nab $3.8M windfall for sidewalks
Elsewhere in the country, Fairhope pedestrian safety project teaches civics lesson--one that perhaps they haven't learned in Maryland, where Montgomery police pledge to step up ticketing of jaywalkers, in contrast to Utah, where Park City's walkable vision ahead of planning curve.

Finally, From the archive, 8 September 1921: Right or Left? Pedestrians need to be told how to walk properly along those things "Americans call sidewalks."

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