Thursday, September 29, 2011

This Week on Foot

This week has been full of more buzzing about the recent study of the bike-ped relationship. As multiple sources point out, according to the Study: Pedestrians safer with more bikes on the street and
Local Data Confirm: NYC Bike-on-Ped Injuries Declined as Cycling Rates Rose . So, I guess it's no surprise that the Bike-Pedestrian Safety Study Draws Jabs.

Meanwhile in New York, A New Look Is Coming to Times Square: Minimalism, and  Audible Pedestrian Signals Debut At 25 NYC Intersections!

But it's not just New Yorkers thinking about pedestrian infrastructure. In Pennsylvania a Group wants to make Kennett Square more "walkable", and there's a Pedestrian bridge finished over Maine Turnpike.

Of course, here in LA it's the vehicle infrastructure people care about, as Protesters to Demand Their 'Apron' Parking Spots Back. Given the dangers pedestrians face here, like the Pedestrian struck by car and badly injured in El Monte or the Pedestrian Struck on PCH in Pacific Palisades, it's a shame cars are getting all the attention.

But in other parts of the country, pedestrians are getting their due, like in Oregon where a Report highlights bike, pedestrian activity in region, Baltimore where Pedestrian, bike safety issues are focus of efforts, and Philadelphia where AARP and the Mayor's Commission on Aging Partner to Make Philadelphia Streets More Walkable for the City's 50+ Population.

Unfortunately, similar efforts in Florida may not have been enough, as Traffic deaths drop in Florida, but pedestrian deaths climb. But across the ocean in Abu Dhabi Pedestrian deaths drop by a third, so at least there's some positive news out there--and speaking of positive stories, if you're looking for one, check out how this Pedestrian hit by train tells story of recovery.

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