Thursday, July 29, 2010

Best Towns 2010

Here's how I know I'm getting to my husband: he's started spotting all the articles featuring pedestrian issues in his magazines.

This month it was Outside Magazine's list of the Best Towns of 2010, which picked the westside town of Boise, Idaho (runner-up: Carbondale, Colorado) and eastside Portland, Maine (runner up: Chattanooga, Tennessee) as the best hometowns for outdoor enthusiasts. I would have loved the list no matter what because it includes Port Townsend, Washington--birthplace of my forefathers and mothers and also home to Walkable Communities-- but I was especially pleased with the Outside editors for choosing cities based on whether or not you could "walk--not drive-- from your home, and in a few minutes later engage in the sport you love most."

I think that should be a top criteria for every city. Even if your favorite sport is shopping.

Port Townsend, WA

P.S. The editors did consider Ventura for the list...then rejected due to the high cost of living. Wry sigh.

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