Thursday, July 15, 2010

This week on Foot

This week we're reminded again of how often motorists escape charges when they hit and kill pedestrians. In Pennslyvannia there No charges in fatal Shrewsbury pedestrian accident, police say, because the parked vehicles along the street made it difficult for the driver to see the pedestrian.

Then in Nevada, a Pedestrian in hit-and-run crash dies; no charges filed because the pedestrian was "likely at fault" and the motorist didn't know he had struck a pedestrian when he left the scene.

At least in the UK an Injured pedestrian to get damages over untrimmed bushes, and in Hawaii the Heat turned up on crosswalk-violating motorists.

It makes you understand why a Legally blind blogger working to improve pedestrian safety in Montgomery.

Maybe in LA matters will improve with a Pedestrian bridge would link Glendale to Griffith Park. We can only hope.

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