Thursday, July 22, 2010

This Week on Foot

The week has been full of ups and downs for pedestrian bridges -- literally, a Neb. pedestrian bridge full of kids dips in middle. Perhaps Nebraska needs to take a look at Oregon's pedestrian bridges, where a Pedestrian span garners another award for Salem.

Yes, things are dangerous out there for pedestrians. Why else would New York hire Crossing Guards To Help Adults Cross Perilous West Street ? (And, why doesn't the City look for more permanent improvements to the street?). 

Fortunately, in nearby in Hoboken, community members are Improving Pedestrian Safety, One Post-It At A Time, and across the world in Kuala Lumpur work has begun on a set of funky-looking paths that are expected to provide a Safer walk for pedestrians. Plus, Grand Rapids christens first official "complete street" for bikers, pedestrians and vehicles.

And it's not just adults who are getting involved in improving walkability. In the Canadian city of Tillonsburg the Day Camp Walkability Challenge promotes healthy, active living for local children. Kids who participate in the program are sent out on foot with walkability checklists in hand to evaluate community walking conditions are learn about pedestrian safety. The program is meant to help kids understand how people, "choose to get around in the community, and to appreciate the personal health and environmental benefits of walking as a means of transportation."

On a final note, this week we say a last goodbye to a walking fixture of LA's Silver Lake community:

Rest In Peace: Silver Lake Walking Man

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