Saturday, July 31, 2010

This Week on Foot

There has been plenty of good news on the pedestrian safety front this week. In Utah, HAWK signals aim to make Salt Lake City streets safer, while in Oregon Bandon youth build safe pathway for pedestrians and in Michigan the Legislature approves 'Complete Streets' plan to improve transportation for pedestrians and bicyclists. Perhaps all the initiative for ped safety is blowing over from the UK, where in Derby Cyclists in pedestrian zones face crackdown.

But it's not all bright and cheery out there. Even though the in Georgia a City wants downtown pedestrian-friendly, locals are thwarted in their efforts to install pedestrian safety improvements. As the article describes, the city council was, "...forced to deny a citizen's request to install pedestrian crossing signs around the Court Square because state law prohibits it." Sounds like Georgia could use the help of Peaton Man.

Then there was the Pedestrian struck and killed by car in Balboa Park while wearing headphones, a crash that's sure to fuel the debate over the dangers of distracted walking.

Another pedestrian debate is raging in Florida, where this week we learned about South Florida's sidewalk debate: To pave or not?. On the con side are those who argue that sidewalks,..."would attract all the traffic, dog-walking, people-walking and noise that they bring." I'll refrain from comment on that one, as anything I write is likely to be too snippy for this family-friendly blog.

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