Friday, July 2, 2010

This Week on Foot

This week a new study provides yet more proof that driving too much is a pain in the butt: IBM Global Commuter Pain Study Reveals Traffic Crisis in Key International Cities. But the real pain? Unsuspecting pedestrians who keep getting hit by vehicles in unsuspected places. I suppose I can understand a Pedestrian struck by SUV, in critical condition, but when a Pedestrian in fair condition after hit-and-run in parking lot or a Car hits pedestrian on sidewalk--sheesh, is there nowhere safe for us walkers?

I guess it explains why Lagos Enforces Use Of Pedestrian Bridge--although if you read the description of bridge conditions, you understand why pedestrians are so reluctant to use it...

Well, at least there are More pedestrians in downtown Portland. Guess we can always count on Oregonians to do the right thing by walkers.

And there's at least one other positive bit of news on the walkability front. In the Atlantic's article Charting the Housing Collapse, we learn that homes in walkable neighborhoods have maintained their value better than those in areas where walking is not so easy.

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