Friday, July 9, 2010

This week on Foot

This week Tech firms aim to keep wayward walkers on path through a number of fancy innovations like see-through phone screens and phones that use built-in cameras to capture an image of the ground in front of the phone and place it on the screen for users to look at while they type. Unfortunately, no progress in creating a phone that forces walkers/drivers/bikers to stop texting/talking/websurfing and pay attention to the road.

At least there's Help for Pedestrians and Metro Stations in Dehli, where enhanced pedestrian facilities are expected to make transit use easier. Elsewhere in India, Parisar wants pedestrians to stand up for their rights . The NGO, which focuses on sustainable development, hopes their new study of pedestrian access in Pune will help convince authorities to develop a pedestrian policy for the city.

Pedestrians in Jamaica could use a similar policy, as Pedestrian deaths increase despite drop in traffic fatalities. Naturally, the authorities blame poor pedestrian behavior for this problem.

Of course, it could be worse. In Washington, the City of Everett makes kids walk to school to save money. Oh, the horror.

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